Our Vision; Signing organizations that offer opportunities where humanity can reach its true potential.

Our Values


Our Belongings

  • We know and care about our teammates, stakeholders, and customers.
  • We pay attention to use a positive language and enjoy what we do.
  • We support our teammates to take responsibilities according to their wishes and skills.
  • We contribute to their personal and professional development by providing training opportunities.
  • We work with our stakeholders and customers to make a difference globally.
  • We adapt our way of doing business for all kinds of conditions, by considering our main objective as happy customers.


  • Respecting people and their existence is our fundamental principle.
  • We believe that each person is complete, and we respect this perfectionism.
  • We use all our resources for open communication as required by respect.
  • We see differences as wealth and create a harmonious working environment where ideas are shared freely.
  • We value the time and effort of our teammates, stakeholders, and customers.
  • We see our mistakes as an opportunity to learn and celebrate our success with enthusiasm.

Our story

AS MICE is the story of those whose common values are belonging and respect.
As Henry Ford said, " Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Aysegul and Seyfettin came together in 2008, organized hundreds of successful events over the years and learned to walk together on this path. 
As you know, accomplishments can increase by task sharing in a team. Aysegul and Seyfettin also performed such task sharing in harmony and embraced various success stories.
Over time, the need to work in a company caring about belonging and respect values, and the desire to make a difference have brought them to the establishment of their own company.
When all the industries had difficult times due to the pandemic globally, and when there is the need for hope, they bravely decided to write their own stories.
Building their corporate culture based on belonging and respect, this team established a strong partnership with Dervis Abidin, a businessman who has been successful in the industry for many years. 
They create great jobs today.


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